1. To promote and protect the legitimate interests of its members.
  2. To bargain actively for constant improvement in salaries/wages. Hours of work and other conditions of service which will guarantee improved standard of living for the workers and their families.
  3. To strengthen and promote the socio-economic advancement of the workers and trade unionism in general.
  4. To provide for the members any or all of the following welfare benefits:
  5. Relief in sickness, accident, disablement, distress, unemployment, industrial victimization or trade dispute.
  6. Subscription to funeral expenses, legal assistance in connection with their term and conditions of employment.
  7. To promote the education and training of members and the staff.
  8. To promote and support any legislation which will have beneficial effects to workers generally.

Join the @The_TUC & @AntiRacismDay tonight with a fantastic line up of speakers including Kevin Courtney, Shavanah Taj, Roger McKenzie, Mark Serwotka, Wilf Sullivan and more - 6pm #BlackLivesMatter #UKisnotinnocent #TakeTheKnee

Join @cyclingkev @Union_Roger @shavtaj @Wilf_TU @pcs_union Mark Serwotka & more - tonight - 6pm - one year on from the murder of #GeorgeFloyd - fighting for antiracist workplaces- register 👉🏿 @The_TUC #BlackLivesMatter


"We congratulate the trade unions, the social movements and particularly the thousands of young people who have had the tenacity to stand up and continue their protest."

British and Irish trade unions condemn state violence in Colombia in @M_Star_Online.

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