The Union has about 17,000 members spread across the country. These are junior workers in the industries mentioned below: 

Union membership cut across the following establishments.

  • Manufacturers of all types of hydraulic cement
  • Manufactures of medical and pharmaceutical preparations
  • Manufacturers of detergent (soap) and other washing and cleaning compounds
  • Manufacturers of basic Explosives and fireworks
  • Synthetics fibre and rubber resins, plastic and elastoners
  • Vegetable and animal oils
  • Manufacture of perfumes, cosmetics and other toiletry preparations
  • Manufacture of clay products such as bricks, tiles, pipes, crucibles architectural terra cotta, stove lining, chimney pipes and tops.
  • Manufacture of glass and glass products
  • Manufacture of stone products
  • Manufacture of other similar chemical and non-metallic products
  • Manufacture of all kinds of footwear, leggings and gaiters from leather, fabrics, tanning etc.

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